Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's OFFICIAL....... POAS results!

As you all know I've been in my TWW (two week wait) now and the agony is killing me lol. I started testing the 16th. I know I shouldn't have but I did anyway. It was positive, didn't think anything of it because there was a possibility it's a false positive (the trigger shot stays in your system longer than a regular person that ovulates). So I started testing every 2-3 days. Yesterday was 14dpo for me. I woke up about 6am and did my POAS. I grabbed my camera right after I put the cap on and waited for the results. Shortly after ONE minute it popped up "PREGNANT" I couldn't believe it! I got nothing but positive tests the entire time and the digital one put the icing on the cake for me. I then called my doctor immediately in shock. They ordered the lab work so I went and had that done all the while calling my mommy screaming and crying lol. She thought I was insane but she was very overjoyed about it all. Texted my hubby back and forth and sent him a photo of all the tests. I then told him I'm not 100% sure because I have to get blood work to confirm it.

The doctor called around 3ish yesterday afternoon saying the lab messed up the blood work so they have to go back and redo the 3 tests they ordered. I kindly said that's fine and went on about my day. I've had some symptoms since the 16th of the month but I didn't think anything of it. This morning I woke up and took a test at 5am. It looked just like the others. It had that really faint line. So I laid back down and went back to sleep. My doctor called at 7:15am this morning. I am OFFICIALLY pregnant and everything with my tests look awesome! :) I'm in awe about it right now. They told me tomorrow I have to go back to the lab for more blood work. I can't quite understand that. My hubby said maybe they're checking to make sure everything is right and they see twins LOL! I just wanted to do a quick blog about it. If you'd like to check out the video you can definitely do that by going to my YOUTUBE page. Make sure you leave your comments and subscribe :) I'll definitely be doing a pregnancy vlog the entire 8-9 months. To those who are in their TWW or are still TTC baby dust and sticky dust to you. Keep hope alive! MUAHHHH

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Late Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I'm your host, KiKi. Today is the day I mark my way of expressing my infertility with the world. I own another blog as well that has nothing to do with infertility but decided I should do so. Here I will be sharing with you everything from my (in)fertility struggles, everyday life, dealing with PCOS, injection medication, and everything in between. I have been dealing with the diagnosis of PCOS for almost a year now and have been doing injections for fertility for half of that time. I've had numerous surgeries and more. I haven't given up hope just yet. I am currently on my second round of injections via Menopur and Cetrotide. I am opening this blog and my vlog in hopes of connecting with other women who are going through something similar as myself and share my pain. It's not easy being diagnosed and saying your infertile but hey, it's better than anything :) I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as well as viewing my vlogs through my journey to pregnancy and bring in a new life.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's Talk HSG

So today let's talk HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) shall we??! If you haven't had this done in your TTC journey already, be ready for the RE to throw it at you like a curve ball. Don't get it mistaken, the procedure is an awesome way to learn where you stand as far as TTC, it's just one of the procedures you cringe at LOL! Not only is it stressful to have that question mark on your face of worrying whether your fallopian tubes are fully functional or not, it's painful to boot. Before seeing my RE no one ever dared to inform me on an HSG, what it does, and everything under the sun. Upon meeting my RE, that was the first thing we discussed after going over my records w/ my OB.

So..... The day comes for the procedure and I know I'll be awake through the entire thing. I was told to take some sort of pain killer like Tylenol so it's not painful. Me being dumb I didn't take anything thinking "oh I can handle this" WRONGGGGG move! They explain, while I'm being prepped before the doctor comes in, that it may feel like menstral cramps and that he'll explain everything to me as he's doing the thing. Ok cool, I've got this. I've never had a catheder in while awake and let me tell you that is uncomfortable. I'm feeling these cramps and I'm taking it but Lord I'd wish he'd hurry up! So I turn my head to look at what he's looking at and BOOM you see this Y looking thing on the screen. I'm not sure what I'm looking at, oh it's my tubes. So he says to me, your going to feel wet as if you've pee'd yourself it's just the dye coming out that I'm injecting. Now, the dye is flowing and I'm confused with what I see. I start asking questions LOL! He starts explaining everything to me and realizes my fallopian tubes are either blocked or closed. He used all the dye he had to make sure it was accurate and sure enough it was.

So, what now may you ask? Surgery! Yes, that's right. I'm going under the knife. I'm a little nervous as to what it holds for me but he's assured me everything will be fine. When they perform my surgery they will be checking for Endometriosis, as well as other complications that can cause infertility. I'm okay with that, better you get it all in one shot right? Now that I've shared my story I'd like to leave you with some information I've discovered on HSG's. I mean, I am a Google freak and all heheheee.
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