Thursday, February 28, 2013

How I told Hubby

It's hilarious watching our SO when you tell them your going to be a daddy. I know for me it was. It was priceless and I wish I could've caught it on camera but unfortunately I couldn't. As you all know I'm a military spouse so there are times when hubby will be away for a while. That being said, this was one of those times. Hubby was away on a TDY. He knew the exact date of when I was suppose to test.... he's that into our TTC journey hehehee. So , I started testing 4 or 5 days before I hit my 15DPO to test. Boom, they were coming out faint positive but with doing injectables and trigger shots you can't get your hopes up UNTIL that 15th DPO! It gets to that 15th day and I tested that morning around 5-6am with the real deal test. Digital. I, of course, grab my camera so my subbies can witness the same thing with me. I wait, not even a full 60 seconds, and it pops up PREGNANT and I almost hit the floor in a wave of shock! I could not believe through all the surgeries, injectable cycles, and everything that it finally happened. WE GOT OUR BFP!!!! I wasn't going to tell hubby until he got home from his TDY.
I was going to give him a card that said "You Did It, Your Swimmers Won The Race" LOL! But I didn't get a chance to do that. Of course he called during the day to see if I had tested or not. I can't lie to him, he knows me like a book! :( I had already called my RE's office to let them know of the results and already went to the lab for bloodwork and got those results back. He asked and asked and asked, I couldn't help but laugh at how big of a baby he was to know if I tested or not. So I told him I tested, he wanted the results right then and there. He couldn't wait. He was like some kid in a candy store that you couldn't keep away from grabbing the candy from the jars..... yea that bad! So I tell him I'm going to text him a picture of the test. He calls me like I'm not understanding, what does this mean.... is it positive?! I tell him to look at the test closely. He's like okay. He blows the picture up on the screen and one of his home boys that's TDY with him screams yo wtf she's pregnant?! My husband says whattttttt, gets back on the phone with me and screams your pregnant your pregnant your pregnant tell me your pregnanttttttt. So I'm like hunny I hate to tell you but your going to be a daddy. He's like OMG OMG OMG did you call the doctor. I tell him yes I did, I've done the bloodwork and it is official I'm 100% pregnant. He's like okay so now what?!?! He's freaking. I tell him call down and put his ducks in a row. He's acting as if I just went into labor LOL! I tell him I've gotta go see the RE for an ultrasound to verify the baby is attached where it should be. He was like wait what?! I explained how the different pregnancies can be. He understood that.
Now I knew he wouldn't be home for a couple more days. It was around the time of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East coast. He told me they were moving to a different area to wait out the storm. I called my mom to talk to her a bit and to give her the good news after she saw the same text I sent hubby heheheee. She asked where he was, I told her he was TDY. Hubby called back to tell me where they were moving to and that he wouldn't be home for a while because depending Sandy depends on whether they'd have to step in and help out with the clean up. Pissed me off but what can I do?! Hurry up and wait right? haha. Anywho, we're talking and talking and he tells me their in the van heading to their resting area and that he'd call me back. I didn't hear from him til the next day. He text me saying that his friend has to give me a package that's suppose to go to him and it's job related. Meet his friend on base close to the Gym. Okay?? I'm like ok, you didn't give me any information like who he was, his phone number to call him, nothing like that. He later tells me it's a big package and to take the bigger car and make sure I'm dressed, not looking like a bum. I'm suppose to be there at 1300. I pull up and I text hubby saying hey I've gotta pee I'm going into the gym. I come out the gym and get back in the car and wait. I see this car pull up behind me so I'm like okay this must be his friend that's got the package for me, not realizing hubby is in the back seat. I notice the face at a glance and I jump out the car screaming I'm gonna kill you.... mind you I'm on base.... LOL! He's like surprise. I'm floored, he totally got me. I guess that's what I get for trying to surprise him huh?! It was an awesome surprise to say the least :)
So tell me,
-How did you tell your SO about the BFP?
-What was his reaction?
-Are you both super excited?!
Here's the Video of my reaction to my BFP

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