Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One.. Two.. Nursing Pillows

With being a new Mom-To-Be you can be overwhelmed with emotions as well as the whole "what to buy" itch.... Well, I'm here to tell you, it's like a head spin of Nursing Pillows to choose from. You would think it'd be easy to just waltz into a store, grab a cute nursing pillow and be done right? That's not the case in today's world, unfortunately. Not only are there sooooo many different choices, they look totally different from eachother and I'm not talking about the print/pattern either lol. So, lets take a minute to talk about a couple of the most popular nursing pillows shall we?

This happens to be the pillow most talked about when nursing. Not sure on why that is. My guess is because it's multi-useful? You can use this pillow for nursing as well as prop the baby up so that he/she starts building up stamina in their back muscles to learn to sit up on their own or the well needed tummy time all babies dread! I've noticed that almost all stores that sell baby items have this pillow above the many nursing pillows to choose from.

Although this pillow is very seldomly talked about it is, by far, this is the best pillow for nursing. Not only does it have the back support needed to comfort you with nursing, or the fact there's a pouch for you to place a spit rag or nipple cream, this pillow has been chosen as the number 1 Breastfeeding Support Pillow by Lactation Consultants.

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