Friday, October 18, 2013

A Moment of Reflection

Today marks baby's 4th month of life. I'm still in awwe and shock that I am, now, a mum of a beautiful baby boy. I still can't believe it sometimes. I find myself looking at him a lot and just holding him. Whispering in his little ear saying I love you baby and I'm so glad your here. He has no idea how much life and joy he brings me. I'm sure my hubby feels the same. I'm always playing with him to try to put a smile on his face. His smile and coo's are EVERYTHING to me. If your like me, and have gone through infertility, you know the struggle. It's not an easy thing to overcome. I remember back in May 2012 going to this RE thinking it'll never happen. I won't ever be a mom and just have to face the fact that we'll have to adopt. Needless to say, my RE rocks!! We got our BFP and it was awesome. I called my RE right upon the test results, yes at 5am LOL! I just, I just can't believe I'm a mom FINALLY. After so many failed cycles, struggling with PCOS, and also not knowing I needed surgery because my tubes were blocked. Wanna see my Introduction or some of my most F.A.Q's about my Infertility Journey so far? Click the links!

So tell me....... What's your infertility story? Any updates on your journey so far?

See ya next time! -NaNa

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