Monday, October 14, 2013

Daddy's Reaction to Baby Gender

I didn't get to Vlog much of my OB visits due to their rules so I would pop on my YouTube channel and let you know how things went. The one I really wanted to record was Hubby's reaction to the gender reveal, which happened to be priceless might I add. So it was on a Monday morning and I had to pee soooooooo bad. As we all know, with the gender reveal they want you to have a full bladder so there's a better chance of baby cooperating and showing the "goods" LOL. So they call me back and we are like in a line.. Me, Hubby, and Brother in law w/ my mom on the phone :) Once we're in the room and settled they slobber my belly with jelly to see our little bean. She goes through the scan of measuring the baby's head, legs, etc. Then she looks at baby's organs to make sure everything is functioning properly and baby looks healthy. Now, on to the goods. She can't get a good view of it so she had me turn to my left side. Baby finally separates legs and POW it's a boy. I instantly say Holy Mother of........ and the Tech was like "don't you say it" and I said I wasn't going to curse LOL! I started laughing and was like Oh my wow OH MY WOW and my brother in law was sitting there smiling as well. He knew. At this point my poor husband was clueless. He was like "I don't understand what I'm looking at here". So the Tech wrote on the screen " IT'S A........ BOY" and my husband started screaming I knew itttttttt!! We all busted out laughing. That was a good day. It was hilarious hahahaaa. She printed out a butt load of pictures for us and I heard mommy screaming on the phone "What are we going to do with a boy?" I said, I guess we'll find out then won't we hahahaa. It was a priceless moment and a moment I'll never forget. Just like when I found out we were pregnant, the bloodwork to confirm it, the first time seeing the baby at the RE's office, see his growth at each scan, and of course the birth :)

So tell me...... What was your husbands reaction to the baby's Gender? Was he surprised like mine? Was he excited of the outcome?

See ya next time! -NaNa

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