Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deployment Struggles

Anyone who said Deployments are cake lied so go ahead and throw that out the window because it is FAR from that! Let me tell you 1st hand you will go through a lot of trials and tribulations through deployment. As deployments come and go they get a little easier to handle w/ time BUT they never get comfortable to be unphazable. My 1st was crazy. Soon as I dropped him off I was screaming/crying uncontrollably. Then came the attitudes, fights, and neglect from both ends! Newly weds going at it from thousands of miles away. LOL! See I can laugh now but when it was happening Lord knows I was far from that I was like the Incredible Hulk. When it was over I was happy to have him back, well sort of. When you've been alone for so long it takes time to cycle back into how it was prior to deployment. Which is why they have to do re-integration class before the arrival. That way your prepared and know warning signs of needing help. Marriage counseling is NOt the enemy and if you feel you two need it by no means brush that off! 2nd deployment was a little easier but a LOT harder at the same time. When orders came down for deployment #2 I was pissed, to say the least LOL. Not only did he get a months notice, I was freaking pregnant!! I was about 4 months pregnant when he shipped out for the 2nd. Glory to God he was able to be home for the birth (this almost never happens) so don't get your hopes up, I didn't. This 2nd one I think was the hardest. I was going thru so many things. If y'all have been following me on YT ( then you know all the trials I went through in my pregnancy! So, with me sharing my experience w/ you on deployments and some of my struggles..... What were and/or are some of yours through deployments and times of separation for TDY's and training?? See y'all next time. Oh, be sure to subscribe to the YT channel. I update there more, due to convenience and time restraints <3!!!!!

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