Monday, January 13, 2014

Pro's & Con's of being a Military Spouse

Ok, so...... I was emailed a couple months back by one of my lovely subbies with a question about military life and what I feel are my pro's and con's of being a military spouse. At first I didn't know how to respond to this let alone blog about it but after thinking on it a while it finally came to me and was able to put it all together for you. Now, I'm not saying these will be your pro's and con's nor am I saying you will encounter any of the things I'll list. These are stipulations I've gone through and this is just my take on it. I'm not expert at the military lifestyle and I don't always agree with how things are or how the families can be. I'm just saying heheheeee!


  • Awesome insurance for both medical and dental
  • Choose between on base or off base housing
  • Explore new places around the world
  • Job stability
  • Lots of functions/classes to waste time on base
  • Make new friends who understand your lifestyle
  • Awesome discounts and specials
  • Shop tax free on base and off base @ certain locations
  • Spend lots of time apart from SO (training or Deployments) remember deployments can change them good or bad
  • Can be discharged for failed PT or conduct
  • Living away from family
  • PCS to base/location you do not like
  • Military is 24/7/365 mission is first before family
  • The wives are stereotyped as being lazy, gold diggers, and cheaters

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